Case Study

Skate Wheel Good

The third instalment of OlliOlli brings the classic side-scroller to life in a vibrant 3D skate utopia.

Our job? To provide a memorable introduction to the game, cutting through the E3 noise and welcoming newcomers to the brand. We worked closely with the developer and publisher teams during the game’s creation — perfectly capturing the nuanced, offbeat tone
was essential.

Through key art, our goal was to invite people to a place made for exploration, where anything felt possible. Inspired by the feeling of chilling in a rooftop bar at sunset, we harnessed the game’s illustrative style to convey depth: everywhere you look, there’s something new
and unexpected.

The accompanying trailer offers a direct invitation to the game world via a tourism-style advert ‘created by’ frog businessman BB Hopper (a side character we couldn’t resist). Balancing custom-built animated scenes with all-out-shredding gameplay, and a meticulously selected and edited soundtrack: the trailer was perfectly calibrated to stun audiences during its E3 release.

Key Art Process - Concept Sketches