Sankari Studios

Defining a game to pioneer a genre.

Sankari Studios’ ambitious and altruistic project required a brand with the power to inspire mobile players to experience a new way to play. Empowering KATOA to pioneer the ‘gaming for good’ space, our brand strategy was designed to educate, build trust, and spark a new gaming movement.

KATOA converts in-game actions into real-world conservation impact. But fundamental to success was a game brand that felt inclusive, premium, and, most of all, fun. Our brand bible and suite of ready-to-use visual assets, from logo lockups to textures and backgrounds, enabled the consistent rollout of the carefully crafted brand at launch and beyond. 

The KATOA brand embraced the light-hearted fun of casual mobile gaming without losing the heart and soul of a new kind of altruistic gaming experience. And the community responded, as players unlocked $50K for in 3 Weeks.

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