Case Study

Rallying support for a new war.

The highly anticipated seventh expansion for World of Warcraft centres around a war between the Alliance and the Horde. Our focus for social content that engaged a dedicated fan base was to countdown to the release and rally support for both sides.

By creating character spotlights frame-breaks that highlighted key traits and attributes through repurposing existing assets we efficiently enlisted fans into the ranks of WoW, ultimately directing them to purchase.

Character Spotlights

Original, high-impact character spotlights recaptured audience attention & sparked faction pride

Community Engagement

Explosive countdown cards highlighted new in-game environments, armor sets & more


Static assets were brought to life giving audiences a close-up look at iconic character classes, presenting them as the epic forces of nature they are!

Frame Break Cinemagraphs

Highlighted positive reception of launch through original Twitter accolade videosĀ 

Twitter Accolades