Case Study

Welcome back, Commander.

After 16 years, Rome: Total War, the game that sparked generations of military strategists, was getting a complete overhaul. 

For both die-hard fans of the original and latecomers swept-up in the franchise that followed, we wanted to create a nostalgia-inducing announce trailer, filled with easter eggs to recapture their imaginations. Our approach was to ‘mirror’ the aspirational player journey: just like our protagonist, after a 16 year hiatus they too would return to Rome to take back their empire.

With some very familiar rhetoric, music, and a healthy dose of TW drama thrown in, we shot an announcement trailer* that lured commanders back to Rome with the promise of victory and glory. 

*The trailer was shot (safely) on location in the middle of the pandemic in the UK. A special thanks to the Herculean efforts of the cast and crew.


Trailer Highlights
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