Case Study

Eyeball Acquisition

With 195 million subscribers and counting, how do you ensure that each title appeals to as wide a range of potential viewers as possible? the answer lies in creating an optimised - and evolving - experience for every set of eyeballs.

Where data meets design is where the magic happens. Like a Netflix customer, we must be genre-literate, using visual signifiers within each piece of key art to cater to every taste - and mood.

Working in tandem with the studio out in California, we define the thematic routes within each title, extrapolating these into a suit of targeted assets. These are then rigorously audience-tested and refined, with performance data informing future iterations. Netflix's audience has grown 30% worldwide since we've been working together. And while we'd never look to claim all the credit (we're not the Tiger King), we've definitely learned what makes audiences click.

Horizontal Display Artwork
Mobile Backgrounds
Bespoke, versatile key art
Rise of Empires: Ottoman