Case Study

21 Scares Later

A complete rebuild of the 1998 cult and mainstream classic, Resident Evil 2 was taking its iconic brand of survival horror to a new generation. 21 years on we were responsible for getting them excited.

We created a suite of bespoke social assets designed to engage audiences with the horrors of Raccoon City in the build up to release. First was a series of 'Raccoon City Police Department directives'; a zombie apocalypse take on classic PD slogans to communicate the narrative and drive awareness. Second was a series of countdown videos to drive launch awareness pre-orders.

The assets were some of Capcom's highest performing of all time and with the critics raving, RE2 is set to break sales records.

Raccoon City PD Directive Videos

Over 730,000 views across social media

Countdown Videos

Over 12,000 shares