Case Study

Pressing play on performance marketing 

You've heard of A/B testing, but together with Netflix we've taken it to another level.

That's right, everything you see in your Netflix library is tailored by your viewing habbits. And by defining a large range of thematic routes and designing artwork that speaks to them, we've been able to entice Netflixers into enjoying more world-class content.

The best part? Constant testing means every unique algorithm gets stronger, serving up more relevant and appealing options. Have a penchant for rockumantaries and irreverant comedies? You can bet your bottom dollar Jack Black will be all up in your feed.

User centric design developed from diverse thematic routes

Annihilation - Thematic Routes

Assets targeted and tested for an optimised and customised user experience

Van Helsing Season 2 - Digital Billboard
Van Helsing Season 2 - Display Art
Van Helsing Season 2 - ROAR
Personalised User Experience
Van Helsing Season 2 - Email

Highest performing display art recreated for out-of-home placements

KISS ME FIRST - Logo Design

Logo creation for Netflix Originals