Case Study

Positioning Metro’s latest
as a next-gen masterpiece

Long-term creative partners to the Metro franchise, it was our challenge to introduce the game’s latest evolution, widening the net once again by establishing an irresistible value proposition to new players. 

Our campaign set out to unequivocally prove the generational leap in graphical fidelity and performance. This required pixel-perfect transitions from Gen 8 to Gen 9 footage, matching content across five formats for side-by-side scrutiny.

Through an accompanying social strategy, we systematically demonstrated the scope of the IP in terms of quality, variety, and emotional depth - delivering bursts of diverse video content from character vignettes to tech showpieces.

Finally, combining an emotive narrative with messaging around enhanced features and critical reception, our launch trailer left audiences in no doubt; now is the best time ever to experience Metro.

Including over 80 assets across 6 territories, the campaign was technically complex but underpinned by a simple strategy: prove it. This galvanised community hype across social and positioned the Enhanced Edition as the pinnacle of the series.


Enhanced Trailer
Launch Trailer
Social - Character Vignettes
Social - Weapon Spotlights
Social - Kitting Up
Social - Countdowns
Social - Monsters
Social - Enhanced Features
Social - Polaroids