Case Study

April Fools in Eorzea

The team behind Final Fantasy XIV Online wanted to pull a fast one on their 10 million strong community for April fools day. Taking the crafting element every player knows well, we created an app and accompanying tool that gave gamers the power to harvest in-game resources in the real world.

Introducing Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, AKA: Gathering Outdoors. Parodying a rather familiar augmented reality app and every Silicon Valley corporate announcement you’ve ever seen, GO is a tongue-in-cheek prank that captured the hearts of players and industry press alike on April 1st.

Smashing every internal and external target for Square Enix, the content comes complete with inspirational talking heads, bespoke in-app design, a Japanese engineering expert and a whole heap of ridiculousness. A project as fun as it was successful. 

Oh, and we also won TWO Silver W3 Awards in the Viral and Comedy Video categories 2018. Hazzar! 


  • W3 Silver: Viral
  • W3 Silver: Comedy Video

Concepting: Original Storyboards


Creating a visual identity

App Design

What the industry press had to say...

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