Case Study

Making a classic vital for a new generation with a targeted social campaign.

In 1997, Final Fantasy VII defined a genre, a console, and arguably an era in gaming. Nonetheless, when Square Enix brought us the impressive remake, we knew couldn’t rely on nostalgia; the game needed to feel vital, now.

We developed a targeted social campaign that spoke to a new audience of adventurers, role players, combat fans, and more. Our epic, bite-sized assets garnered well over 6m views, helping make Final Fantasy VII Remake one of the biggest titles of 2020.

Creative was insight-refined through the campaign, while a cinematic design language ensured the game remained accessible to a new audience. The result was a targeted amplification campaign that set a new standard for games remakes.



Live the Adventure - Post Launch Trailer

Targeted social assets reflect each facet of the game to the appropriate fanbase.

Campaign Highlights
Demo & Accolades Trailer
Story Trailer
Character Trailers

One of the fastest selling PS4 titles ever, with 3.5 million copies sold within three days.


Midgar & Avalanche Trailer
Enemies & Combat Summons Trailer
Mini Game Videos
Social Countdowns
Launch Accolades Trailer