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Case Study

The game that defined a generation


The hype was real. Final Fantasy VII, the title that not only redefined RPGs but also the games industry itself; was getting a remake. We were excited. You were excited. Square Enix were straight up euphoric. 

So our social and digital launch campaign promoting the release of FFVIIR had to build on the global anticipation and communicate the rich narrative promise of greatness we all felt in 1997, again in 2020. We got busy doing just that.

We created a cinematic design language to be used in both stills and dynamic assets, and captured the hell out of the incredible game to cut together highly targeted trailers, countdowns, and more for a worldwide audience. 

The majority of the work from the ICHI team was undertaken at home during the COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom. We couldn’t be prouder of the work produced, and alongside Square Enix we (remotely) celebrated both the output and the blockbuster release of FFVIIR.

Demo & Accolades Trailer
Story Trailer
Character Trailers
Midgar Trailer

Over 6 million views across social media

Mini Game Videos
Combat Summons Trailer
Social Countdowns
Enemies Trailer
Avalanche Trailer
Launch Accolades Trailer