Case Study

The Dragons are here

Dreamworks' hit series based on the wildly popular How To Train Your Dragon films, was hitting broadcast television in the UK and Europe. Our job? Fire up the kids into watching it.

Armed with a bespoke ‘broadcaster tool kit’, the likes of CBBC in the UK, Super RTL in Germany, and broadcasters spanning Spain to Russia, were given richly entertaining puzzles, quizzes and informative infographics to share with parents and kids in order to raise awareness and engagement with the show.

We created a series of fun trailers and exciting Youtube pre-rolls to boost the targeted campaign, keeping the series top-of-mind for audiences whilst the seasons ran on television.

We also refreshed the US key art for the series to better appeal to European audiences and serve as the centrepiece artwork for the campaign.

Creation of a 'broadcaster tool kit', giving networks the confidence to air the series and boost audience numbers through social activity

Broadcaster Tool Kit

Series trailer and Youtube pre-rolls

Trailer and Pre-rolls