Case Study

Embrace the Blitz!

Disney wanted us to make Emoji Blitz feel relevant to a non-typical, adult audience and position it as a game for everyone. Hmm, this wasn't going to be easy.

But with a research-backed, thoroughly-tested 360 campaign lined up, we knew we could smash our challenge.

Focussing on education, social engagement, and a total brand identity overhaul, our campaign communicated an irreverant, unashamedly guilty-pleasure-sort-of-fun, that forwent the traditional Disney tone of voice and captured the hearts and laughs of mobile gamers everywhere.


Twice the average social reach and engagement

Visual Identity

The fully reimagined visual identity presented theĀ irreverent energy of the brand

Social Content

Social audiences boosted by up to 25%

Community Management

Influencer partnership to promote and educate the IP

How To Videos

Nurturing a friendly & engagedĀ fan-base