Case Study

Reigniting a fanbase with a franchise-defining brand campaign

More than just an expansion, Beyond Light needed to signal a bold new era for the franchise – while recapturing the awe-inspiring emotion of the original Destiny.

Working as global lead creative agency with Bungie, we created a brand campaign that smashed pre-order expectations, thanks to a reinvigorated fanbase of core and lapsed players, and a legion of new players welcomed into the fold.

Fans were hyped by a series of mysterious tease-and-reveals – unveiling our moodier look and cerebral brand voice. The campaign then amplified through a phased series of impactful assets, keeping fans hooked right the way up to launch.

Case Study
Beneath the Ice Trailer

Taking Destiny back to its roots by embracing a darker, more mature tone.

Character Vignettes
Frozen Moments

Destiny 2 Beyond Light was the highest earning Steam title upon release, beating out titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Football Manager 2021, and Among Us.

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Pre Order Digital Refresh
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