Metro: Last Light - Trailer Campaign

Deep Silver

The Challenge

To start off the campaign we were asked to fire the collective imagination of first person shooter fans and reintroduce Metro as a must-play title. Exact words from the marketing guys at THQ: "Give us something BIG!" For the second part of the campaign we were asked to create gameplay trailers and developer diaries that all hold their own strong narrative each selling a new aspect of the game.

The Concept

Live Action: Showcase how humanity got to the point of annihilation and focus on the survivors who would go on to shape the world of Metro: Last Light. To give this trailer the emotion, drama and epic feel it required, we shot a live action shoot in Kiev during Ukraine’s coldest winter in six years. Gameplay: Create iconic game trailers and survival diaries that focus on unique perspectives from the main characters with each having a completely different story and visual style.

The Outcome

Live Action The cinematic trailer reached over 4 Million views in 4 days putting Metro: Last Light on the radar. This did not go unnoticed and was awarded with three LIA awards for Editing, Cinematography and Direction. THQ declared it their most succesful trailer ever. To date the video has around 7 million total views. Gameplay The online community lit up with excitement towards each trailer’s unique characters and level of detail. The anticipation rapidly grew towards the game’s release, resulting in a mind-blowing top position in the worldwide sales charts. The campaign showed that true creativity can be captured in a gameplay trailer, breaking the industry standard and picking up the “Best Broadcast Campaign” award enroute.


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